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Naturopathic Medicine Treatment for Depression

Clinical Depression Treatment Overview


A naturopathic doctor dealing with client that are suffering from clinical depression can be effectively treated with a natural medicine modality such as Naturopathic Medicine. Vitamins and herbal remedies are often used, as well as lifestyle adjustments such as exercise and a dietary change to whole, organic foods. Additional supplements, such as amino acids and minerals, can also be very helpful. Visiting a Naturopathic Doctor is an excellent way to understand the causes and therefore help reverse clinical depression using natural medicine remedies and lifestyle changes. Depression is a type of mood disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, irritability, helplessness and hopelessness. Other symptoms include weight loss or weight gain, too much or too little sleep, lack of interest in day to day activities as well as loss of libido or thoughts of death or suicide.

Clinical Prescribed Depression Medications

Conventional medical treatment for depression primarily consists of antidepressant medication such as Zoloft, Prozac and Effexor. Some side effects of these medications include headache, agitation, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. Extensive use of these medications in time become less and less effective and require the dosage to be increased in order to maintain the need affect. The FDA has issued warning that these medications may increase the risk of suicidal behavior in patients.


Things That Contribute to Depression


Many times depression may be caused by psychological issues such as a negative life practices or feelings of being overwhelmed or having a bad self-esteem. It can also be caused by physiological issues which include neurotransmitter imbalances, hormone imbalance or nutritional deficiencies.

Naturopathic Medicine Clinical Depression Symptoms Discovery


When someone with depression comes to see us, we want to find out when their depression first started, what their stress factors are, what their daily diet consists of, and to have them fully explain their depression to us. Normally we will order a blood test to check for blood sugar, iron levels and B-12 levels and to check for thyroid function, because an under active or an over active thyroid can look like the usual symptoms of depression. There should also be a blood or salivary test for hormones and cortisol levels. Sometimes we will include tests for urinary neurotransmitters and heavy metal toxicities.


Naturopath Doctor Treatment for Depression


Treating a patient with depression requires a versatile approach. Normally we first have them eliminate processed foods and try their best to convert to a whole foods organic based diet so they can get the proper supporting nutrition they need and prescribe and exercise program to increases the body’s levels of endorphins which are the natural chemicals released in the brain that elevate mood. We then prescribe appropriate nutritional supplements such as calcium, magnesium and B vitamins in order to increase the neurotransmitter levels in their body. If the patient is currently using prescribed medication we normally wean them off of the substance gradually with constant monitoring until their body can support them on the natural lifestyle changes now put in place.


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