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What Is HCG Diet Secret Ingredient?



When you hear about the naturopathic or holistic HCG diet, does it makes you wonder what is it with the HCG diet that is so different from the other weight loss programs offered on the weight loss market? Is there a secret ingredient that sets it apart from the other diet trends so many people use today?


There really isn’t any secret at all to the HCG diet. The main component used for this weight loss system is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG as it is abbreviated. This natural hormone can be found in the body of a healthy pregnant woman. A woman’s body produces the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin during the normal phases of pregnancy. Because it is natural there are no adverse effects that occur as a result of adhering strictly to the HCG diet. And men don’t be afraid, this works great for men too with no adverse effect.

When trying the HCG diet, the hormone will help you burn excess fat in your body. As a result, more of your muscles will be energized to do all the workouts easily that would complement the HCG weight loss program. You will start to look leaner and healthier as a result of the lost weight and toned muscle if the diet is accompanied by exercise.


This is definitely one the most efficient and safer answer to your weight problem if you are aiming for a slimmer healthier body. Our clients are losing weight in the range of 18 to 27 pounds in a four week period while on the HCG diet.


The HCG program that is offered by Natural Medical Solutions naturopathic medicine center is provided with a full evaluation of the client’s health prior to starting any weight loss program to assure that the individual is healthy enough to use any recommended product. Our client state of health is monitored throughout the HCG weight loss program to assure that they reach their optimal weight goal.

This is not a fad diet for rapid weight loss, this is a tool to jumpstart the beginning of a lifestyle transformation that will get you away from the ever perpetuating yoyo diet scheme that the rest of the world is addicted to. We are here to help our client develop healthy eating programs that will help them to continue to lose weight even after they have stopped their HCG weight loss program.


Natural Medical Solutions does not use a cookie cutter approach to weight loss for our clients. We adhere to the strict principals that naturopathic medicine is governed by and by our belief that each clients body and health situation in different and will be given a program tailored specifically for their health needs related to their mind body and soul.


Are you ready to start a new healthier rest of your life? Go ahead give us a call and we will do our best to get you there.




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  1. When using this product regularly, most users also notice new
    growth in areas that were previously thinning. Zinc absorption and vitamin C intake
    could be synergistic. Testing blood or saliva usually
    is done in the morning and evening with the normal ranges as noted below.

  2. If you have read my other articles, then you know how I accidentally learned about eating salads, with more than one vegetable at a meal.
    A good doctor will make sure you are always getting the right amount of HCG and that you are not doing anything
    that might harm your body in the long run. The HCG diet has been a popular
    fad diet for several years now, but unfortunately it isn’t a
    long-term solution to weight loss. A healthy
    diet is all about eating smart and budgeting calories.
    After sleeping for a good 9 hours, Mary woke up
    looking and feeling totally refreshed and energized. When was the last time you were on a weight loss program that actually worked.
    A few times he looked up at me, but he was still reading.
    Carbohydrates can constitute a great problem for those wanting to lose
    weight. So go ahead and look up many of the above mentioned diet
    plans so that you can see how it has worked for others.
    The 500 calories per day required for the h – CG diet will rob you of precious nutrients.

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