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      Patient Testimonials

      What makes Natural Medical Solutions unique is the small staff and you really feel at home when you come here. You’re not just another number at any other doctor’s office. Dr. Ravello really listens to what your problems are and really cares about what you really need. It’s not just a regular doctor’s office, it’s almost like a family here. Your problems always come first and Dr. Ravello’s always here to help.

      - Nicholas

      I would highly recommend Natural Medical Solutions and Dr. Gail Ravello to everybody.

      - Kathy

      I recommended her to my wife and she’s here now and she’s doing better also. Feels like a miracle has happened to me so I can help but talk about it.

      - Carl

      I love the passion. I love the time she gives you to listen to your problem.

      - Yeni

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