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      Naturopathic, Holistic, Alternative, or Homeopathic Natural Medical Services Payment Options

      Understandably, the cost of treatment and responsibility for payment is a concern of every patient.

      Natural Medical Solutions works with all insurance companies for all allowable reimbursements. Contact your insurance carrier to ask if your policy provides reimbursement for:

      • Naturopathic natural medical services
      • Holistic natural medical services
      • Alternative natural medical services
      • Homeopathic natural medical services

      Additionally, it is often possible to utilize an HSA/Flex Plan (health savings account) for services, and Natural Medical Solutions also:

      • Accepts all major credit cards
      • Provides application forms for Care Credit, generally available to anyone with a satisfactory credit rating
      • Liberty Healthshare

      The cost of an initial visit is $195 and follow-up visits average approximately $80. These figures are a general guideline; fees vary according to the services needed to restore your total health.

      Natural Medical Solutions treats the body as an interconnected whole, not an assembly of modular, independent parts. In most cases, it costs less to get healthy now than to go on treating symptoms for the rest of your life.

      As an example, perhaps you have prescription medication to treat hypothyroidism, and your T-3 and T-4 blood tests are within normal range. However, more than likely you also have adrenal gland and hormonal issues, along with allergies and possibly digestive dysfunction that you treat with over-the-counter medication. This is evident of toxins in your body causing inflammation that affects multiple systems.

      Our approach is to get your entire body healthy – without long-term reliance upon medication.

      Some people believe they are unable to afford natural medicine, but the real question is – can you afford not to get healthy?

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