The Bible Condemnation of Drugs

    Written by Christopher Gussa Have you ever noticed the huge surge of desire and longing in people to get back to the natural for our healing and medicine? The FDA combined with the drug industry and the media have almost totally erased this knowledge from our minds, and worse yet from our spirits. The FDA may, someday, take the herbs out of the health food stores but even the FDA will never get rid of the weeds. Yes, believe it our not, the weeds are a gift from God and when God gives us something, no one can take it away. The Bible condemns the use of poisons for … [Continue Reading]


Naturally Enhance Brain Power

Natural Therapies to Improved Memory and Brain Performance   Natural Medical Solutions celebrates the beginning of a new scholastic year by presenting a number of integrative solutions which could improve mental efficiency. Caffeine: Caffeine may be the world's most frequently consumed psychoactive substance. that stimulates the central nervous system, heart rate, and respiration. It is a naturally occurring compound found in the leaves, seeds, or fruits of more than 60 plants, including coffee beans, cacao beans, kola nuts, guarana berries, and tea leaves. Caffeine includes a … [Continue Reading]


Signs You May Have An Overactive Thyroid

  The symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) are so wide-ranging — affecting your mood, energy, body temperature, weight, heart, and more — that it may be difficult to identify the correct designation right away. The risk of hyperthyroidism increases the older we get. The diagnosis of thyroid problems can be particularly tricky in older individuals. … [Continue Reading]

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The Unbearable Itch of Eczema

  As a teenager, everyone in some point of their lives experience pimples, zits, boils, cysts, and blackheads. But the worst skin problem is having Eczema. Don’t you ever get tired of scratching your skin until it bleeds? Or have nasty blisters and scars on your body, because of the uncontrollable itch! What causes this skin disease and how can we treat it? Skin Conditions and Eczema Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated, which usually appears very dry, thickened, or scaly. No matter which part of the skin is affected, eczema is almost always … [Continue Reading]


My Adrenals Are Stressing Me Out!!!

  Are you feeling stressed out from work, school, and sports where you just can’t function?L Or hanging out at bars & nightclubs, while smoking and drinking, telling yourself that your problems will eventually wither away. What if you had to do a presentation project for your job, and you weren’t fully prepared? Maybe, because of the amount of stress that your boss is impatiently and expecting you to complete! The reasons why you feel this way? Is because you’re Adrenal glands are stressed out!!!   Adrenal Stress The adrenal glands are our stress glands. We must have … [Continue Reading]

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How Can Detoxifying Your Body Help

Are you are getting tired of watching everyone playing sports, jogging on the beach and looking so healthy and fit? Why does it seem that everyone knows what to do when it comes to looking and feeling healthy? Is there a top secret that everyone knows and not you? Do you feel left out, because you tried every diet that you could and it seems as though it’s not working!L Here is the problem; the body is like your vacuum cleaner, every once in while you have to clean it out. Eating healthy is a great start, but cleaning your insides is even better. We have to detoxify our bodies to get great … [Continue Reading]

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The Dark Room of Depression

The fall is coming soon and the leaves are turning into array of colors. But the temperatures are still warm? Which is great….Right? Not always although your body is exposed to the radiance of the sunlight and the vitamin D which it nourishes. You feel sort of sluggish and sad, which makes you feel depressed as though you are in a dark room... … [Continue Reading]


Are you too Sweet For your Own Good?

  It’s the month of October and you know what that means? Fall festivals, parades, and the dark and creepy Halloween. As we are enjoying this festive time of year, the intake of food and sweets somehow; makes this day taste so brighter yummmm… We never think about how much sweets we are eating, and what the affects it’s doing to our bodies? The more we indulge on sweets; we increase the chances of getting Diabetes. … [Continue Reading]

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The Effect of Exercise on Your Cardiovascular Health

    In March 2012, a new study reported that both exercise and non-high-density-lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol are important predictors of subclinical atherosclerosis. Calcifications in the coronary arteries are an early sign of coronary heart disease. Calcium deposits in the arteries in the development of atherosclerotic plaques cause narrowing of the blood vessels to the heart and may rupture and form a blood clot, which can impede blood flow to the heart.   The study evaluated 1,637 healthy males enrolled in the Prospective Army Coronary Calcium Project with an average … [Continue Reading]


Getting Natural Medicne Insurance Coverage

    Although insurance coverage for alternative medicine is still fairly limited, an increasing number of companies are covering complementary therapies. Acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care are the most commonly covered therapies, but some companies also cover treatments like herbal, naturopathy medicine and homeopathy. Here's how to increase your chances of getting coverage for alternative treatments: 1) Check Your Policy If you're seeking coverage for complementary and alternative medicine, start by carefully studying your health insurance plan. Since many plans … [Continue Reading]

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